Digital Wills+


Making your Will, easy

AdviceFirst has partnered with Footprint, New Zealand’s largest online Will provider, to bring you a digital Will service at a discounted rate.

Your membership includes:

An online Will

Create a legally sound, safe and secure Will that can be easily updated to keep up with your life changes.

Your own digital vault

Upload and securely store your important documents.

Access to the content hub

Learning labs and online tools to help you realise a better financial future.

With AdviceFirst and Footprint, creating a Will, securely storing your important documents and improving your financial literacy is easy!

Create or upload your digital Will

If you don’t have a Will, creating your digital Will only takes about 15 minutes using an easy, fill-in-the-blank questionnaire. Then, Footprint’s team of professionals review and draft your legal document for you to sign and have witnessed.

If you already have a Will in place, you can upload it to your account.

Once your Will has been created and stored, you can easily update it to keep up with your life changes ensuring people who are important to you such as your parents, partner, children, or executor know your wishes if the worst were to happen.

Access to your own digital vault

Included in your membership fees is a digital vault. This is a place where you can store important documents such as your Will, insurance policies, enduring power of attorneys, copies of your passport, birth certificates, and important receipts.

It is also a place where you can leave instructions for social media accounts, personal video messages, important photos, a personal letter to support your Will instructions and anything else that’s important to you.

Access to our content hub & online tools

This Digital Will+ Membership gives you access to our content hub which includes learning labs and online tools to help you on your financial journey. Upskill your knowledge on KiwiSaver, Retirement Planning and Investing, Personal Insurance, Budgeting and Wellness, and start making smarter financial decisions to grow your wealth. Watch bite-sized animated clips that will help you understand everything you need to know about Wills and estate administration. These are especially helpful to watch before starting your own Will.

Who needs a Will?

If you have accumulated assets worth $15,000 or more, you’re going to need a Will to decide how these assets are distributed after you’re gone.  Assets include property, bank accounts, cars, jewellery, collector items, investments, KiwiSaver, and personal and employer-provided life insurance.

If you have children that depend on you, you need a Will to determine who their guardian will be if you pass away while they are young.


Benefits of having a Will

Did you know that without a Will, your family won’t be able to make any important decisions about how your assets are divided, or even who your child’s guardian will be? With a Will, your decisions are respected.

Settle your estate, your way

The main purpose of a Will is to settle your estate, but it also allows you to name a guardian for your children (or fur babies), express your funeral wishes, leave meaningful gifts and donations to charities or causes close to your heart.

Without a Will, New Zealand legislation dictates who gets what. It’s a specific formula so depending on your situation your assets may not end up with who you would like them to.

Your assets aren’t stuck in limbo

If you pass away without a Will, your assets that are in your name only such as bank accounts, group life insurance with your employer and KiwiSaver funds will be frozen and unavailable until your estate has been settled.

Even if you have a partner/spouse anything you own in your sole name won’t automatically get passed on to them.

With a Will in place these assets could reach your loved ones within 6-12 months.

Less administration costs

By having a Will you could save thousands of dollars in fees. The time and cost to administer your estate without a Will goes up by an estimated 50%, meaning it could be 12-18 months and upwards of $15,000 before your estate can be settled.

For more information about our Digital Wills+ Membership, simply call 0800 438 238, email or click on the button below to request a call back from our team.

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