We’re licensed to give financial advice

AdviceFirst Limited, which trades as ‘AdviceFirst’ and ‘enable.me’ is licensed by the Financial Markets Authority to provide financial advice services. Our license number is FSP23242.

Types of financial advice we offer

AdviceFirst and our team of advisers can give you financial advice on the following:

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Investment products and services

  • Managed funds
  • Exchange-traded funds (ETFs)
  • Term deposits
  • Directly held debt and equity securities
  • Legacy products, such as whole of life
    and endowment policies
  • KiwiSaver schemes
  • Superannuation

Life and health insurance products and services

  • Life insurance
  • Income protection
  • Mortgage protection
  • Group insurance and employee benefits
  • Medical or health insurance
  • Trauma cover
  • Disability cover

Investment planning services

We offer specialised investment planning services through enable.me (a trading name of AdviceFirst).

Programmes offered include financial advice on strategies to build your wealth, financial management coaching, and cash-flow management. The financial plan is bespoke to each client but usually covers strategies to repay debt, build an investment portfolio, retirement savings plans, effective banking and reducing personal risk through insurance products.

enable.me coaches do not provide advice on which product providers to use. Instead, we refer our clients to specialist financial advisers for the specific product advice and on the most suitable product provider. This includes advice on mortgages, insurance, KiwiSaver, managed funds and direct property investing.

If you already have your own financial adviser, we can work with them for this specific advice.

Once the plan has been agreed, our role is to help you implement your financial plan and keep on track to achieve your goals and objectives.

Our preferred providers

We refer to an Approved Product List (APL) for investment and KiwiSaver solutions, and life and health insurance products.

Products in these APL’s have gone through due diligence with research professionals.  The list is reviewed regularly and is available below*.

Our life and health insurance providers are:

  • AIA
  • Asteron
  • Fidelity Life
  • Resolution Life
  • nib
  • Partners Life
  • Southern Cross
  • Chubb Life

For KiwiSaver we use the following providers

  • AMP KiwiSaver scheme
  • OneAnswer KiwiSaver scheme
  • Milford KiwiSaver Scheme
  • Booster KiwiSaver scheme
  • Generate KiwiSaver scheme
  • Fisher Funds KiwiSaver Scheme

If we can’t find a suitable solution for you through our APL we will look at other options for you.  Our advisers can also help you with your existing products, funds and policies.


Advice Fees

We don’t expect to charge any one-off fees for the advice we provide.  If we do, we’ll discuss this with you before we charge it and confirm it in a statement of advice.

For investment advice, we charge a portfolio servicing fee (PSF) for managing your investments, based on the level of funds under management.

enable.me operates on a fee-for-service model. We charge a fee to prepare the financial plan and for any financial advice provided to a client.

Initial Consultation – There is an initial consultation fee for the preparation and assessment of your situation, the cost of which is discussed with you and agreed prior to the first meeting. The initial consultation fee is $400 (including GST) – unless discounted for a promotional campaign offer – and is payable by the client 7 days after the invoice is issued.

Programme Fee – If you choose to work with us on one of our programmes, we will prepare a programme recommendation and plan that is suitable for you and provide you with the fee for that programme. The cost of a programme ranges from approximately $2,500 – $12,000 (including GST). This fee will be payable by the client 4 weeks after the invoice is issued.

Early payment discount or payment terms can be agreed.

The final cost for a client depends on each individual’s situation, the programme you select and the services you require.


Commissions and incentives from product providers

AdviceFirst receives commission from product providers if you take out insurance following advice from us. The amount of the commission varies between providers and is based on the product sold. It can include an initial commission and a servicing and renewal commission.

We also receive commission from KiwiSaver scheme providers if you choose one based on our recommendations, and an ongoing commission for as long as we help you manage your KiwiSaver scheme.

Our advisers are salaried employees and don’t receive any commission payments. They will advise you about any commission payment or other fees AdviceFirst will receive before you proceed with any recommendations. Any product recommendations your adviser provides are based solely on your goals and objectives, and within the boundaries of our APL.


Conflicts of interest

For Property and Mortgage advice, we also work with several specialist companies whose advisers will help you find the most suitable product provider and products to suit your financial plan. These include Squirrel Mortgages and Momentum Realty.

You are under no obligation to use these advisers; we can work with your existing financial adviser if you choose.

If you do use Squirrel then AdviceFirst may receive an introduction fee, referral fee or commission split payment from them.

Momentum Realty 2023 Ltd – a real estate agency created to help clients find their perfect investment property – is owned by AdviceFirst.

If you ultimately purchase a property via Momentum Realty, AdviceFirst will be paid a referral fee.

All our financial advisers get annual training on how to manage conflicts of interest. We also maintain and monitor records of any conflicts of interest, including any gifts or incentives our advisers receive that are worth more than $100.

At an organisational level, AdviceFirst is owned by AMP (a long-established financial services company). We understand that this may create a perceived conflict of interest with AMP also being one of the product providers that we advise on.

We manage any potential or perceived conflict of interest with our AMP links by having our advisers follow internal processes to ensure that they give priority to your interests. Any product recommendations our advisers give are based solely on your goals and objectives, within the boundaries of our APL.


Our requirements as a licensed financial advice provider

The Financial Markets Conduct Act 2013 sets out the duty of care we as a licensed financial advice provider and our advisers must follow relating to the way that we give advice. The Act requires that we:

  • give priority to your interests by taking all reasonable steps to make sure our advice is in your interest and not our own
  • exercise care, diligence, and skill in providing you with advice
  • meet standards of competence, knowledge and skill set by the Code of Professional Conduct for Financial Advice Services (these standards are designed to make sure that we have the expertise needed to provide you with advice.)
  • meet standards of ethical behaviour, conduct and client care set by the Code of Professional Conduct for Financial Advice Services (these standards are designed to make sure we treat you as we should and give you suitable advice.)

The points above are a summary. You can find more information about the Financial Markets Conduct Act 2013 and our duties to you within it by visiting the Financial Markets Authority website here.


How to make a complaint about any of our services

If you have a problem, concern, or complaint about any part of a service we give you, please contact your adviser directly so they can try to fix it.

You can also let us know about any complaints you may have by:

  • email: complaints@advicefirst.co.nz
  • post: PO Box 10550, Wellington, 6143
  • phone: 0800 438 238.

For AdviceFirst, or;

  • email: complaints@enable.me
  • post: Level 4, 165 The Strand, Parnell, Auckland
  • phone: 09 303 1306

For enable.me.

More information about our complaints process can be found here.


* Approved Providers List

AMP Capital Investors (NZ) Limited
AMP Wealth Management New Zealand Limited
ANZ NZ Investment Limited
APN Funds Management
Bentham Asset Management
BlackRock Investment Management Australia Limited
Firetrail Investment Pty Limited
Fisher Managed Funds Limited
Harbour Asset Management Limited
Hunter Investment Funds
Macquarie Investment Management Ltd
Magellan Asset Management Limited
Milford Asset Management
Mint Asset Management
Nikko Asset Management NZ Limited
Platinum Asset Management
Resolution Capital Limited
Schroder Investment Management Australia Ltd
T Rowe Price International Ltd
Vanguard Investments Limited
Yarra Capital Management

AdviceFirst is a Financial Advice Provider (FSP23242).

Everyone can benefit from professional advice at some stage in their life. Calling on experts can be
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