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Simplifying Insurance

The team at Sovereign have put together some videos that you may find useful to gain a better understanding of the insurance process: Understanding Insurance Premiums - Want to understand life insurance premiums? It's worth knowing what they are and why they can change The Claim Process - If you're making a claim, we understand when something...

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Newlyweds – 5 Tips On How To Save Together

There are many obvious ways in which the old adage, “two can live cheaper than one” is true. If you live in one household, you don’t pay double mortgage or rent; people living together use less power, water etc; you can make do with one microwave, or TV. And married couples – or so they say – tend to stay home more and spend less money on eating...

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Who Pays When Pharmac Won’t?

No one wants to imagine the worst, but if the worst did happen, a lump sum payment from your Trauma Protection cover could help provide peace of mind, and contribute towards the financial means to privately fund potentially life-saving or extending drugs. Most Trauma Protection policies cover around 40 major trauma conditions – with the top three...

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Life Insurance For The Next Generation

What advice have you, or would you, give to your grown children to help them get all their financial matters in order? Would that advice be to start with a life insurance plan early, so that they can face the future with confidence knowing things like the mortgage would be taken care of, should the worst happen. As you probably know, the biggest...

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New Parents – 5 Things To Sort Financially

Financially, starting a family means a lot more than just having another mouth to feed. As a new parent you’ll need to do a complete review of your finances so that you can ensure you’ll be able to live within your means, protect your income and assets, and face the future with confidence. Here’s a checklist to help you reach that goal. Make your...

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Benefits Of Kiwisaver

KiwiSaver was specifically designed to help you prepare for your retirement. But while you may have started KiwiSaver with a long-term retirement view, there are benefits that you can enjoy today. Here are some of the current benefits that you may be eligible for as an active KiwiSaver contributor: An annual member tax credit...

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