Helping clients see their financial potential is a true point of pride here at AdviceFirst. As our business grows and evolves to serve your financial needs better, we love welcoming new people to our team of advisers. We’re delighted to introduce our most-recent addition, Andre de Almeida. Continue reading to learn more about Andre. 


What do you do in your day-to-day as a Financial Adviser? 

I engage with clients from all walks of life to help craft a personal protection plan that suits them. I also correspond with underwriters from insurance companies for the pre-assessment phase of the process. A significant part of my working day involves finding solutions for each client through building quotes, keeping up with product knowledge and presenting recommendations. 


What do you love most about your job and the work you do? 

As someone who has lived in four different countries, I love engaging with clients from various backgrounds. No day is the same, and I learn something new each day. One day, you talk to a farmer, and the next, a cabinet maker or business owner. So, I love the challenge of understanding each client’s different needs, forming a protection plan that’s fit for purpose, and understanding the positive impact that advice can have on a client’s financial situation. 


Why is insurance so important? (for people to understand and use) 

Insurance provides peace of mind. As humans, we are primed to think that the worst won’t ever happen to us, but it can. Without a plan, the results of this can be devastating. Insurance is a powerful tool to mitigate risk and ensure financial stability during uncertain times. 


What do clients love most about working with you?  

People love working with me because I am genuine, trustworthy and I have their best interest at heart. 


What are the top things clients should look out for when searching for personal insurance? (i.e. tempting to look for deals, but can often be a poor fit, something like this) 

Insurance is not a one-size-fits-all type of product. The cheap deals you see online may not be the best solution for your unique situation. But many only come to realise this upon claim time where they learn what they bought was not right for their circumstances – which then becomes more of a headache more than a solution. 

Personal Insurance is complex. So, it’s essential to work with Financial Adviser who can guide and help you to navigate the fine print and implement a policy that actually suits your needs.  


Debunk the worst myth you hear about insurance. 

One of the worst myths about insurance is that it’s a waste of money because you’ll never need to use it. 

I think this misconception often leads people to not purchase insurance policies, because they think they’re throwing their money away. However, insurance provides financial protection against the unexpected events that might result in significant financial hardship without it.  

Whether you need to cover unexpected medical expenses, cover your mortgage or provide for your family while taking the time off work due to an accident or medical event, insurance offers that peace of mind and security.  


What are your hobbies and passions outside of work? 

I love travelling locally with my family and spending time in the Coromandel. We enjoy going on our bush walks almost every fortnight. I am also an avid practitioner of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. For downtime, I love reading self-help books, or books on mindfulness. I also practice breath work to keep me in balance. Lastly, as a former photographer, you might see me out and about with my camera. 


What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?  

Be persistent on your goals, and never give up. The journey can be turbulent, but you need to be consistent, while flexible enough to adjust your plan accordingly. When looking back, you realise that all the challenges you faced were there for your personal growth.