Will I get an investment plan that I can follow and control?

Our specialists will help make things easy.

Peter Hawes
AdviceFirst Tauranga

What we can do

  • Help grow and protect your wealth.
  • Provide you with straightforward, practical investment advice to help you achieve your goals.
We can prepare financial plans that can help support you with an income in retirement.

How we do it

  • An experienced Authorised Financial Adviser will work with you to review your current situation; understand your approach to risk, prioritise the things you would like to achieve, and work within the time frame to financially prepare.
  • We work with award-winning investment specialists and fund managers to tailor a plan, and your portfolio.
  • You can monitor your portfolio through regular reports, online access to your account, and updates from AdviceFirst and your Adviser.
  • Review your investment and keep you informed by email, over the phone or catch-up meetings – whichever you prefer - to help you stay on track with your plan and adjust it for any changes in your life.
  • You’re also free to contact us if you need help.

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