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Jane Seed
AdviceFirst Hamilton

What we can do:

  • Provide a choice of quality insurance protection: Business Assets, Business Interruption, Professional Indemnity and Liability, Personal and Key Person insurance.
  • Provide a structure for your financial arrangements to help your business continue if a key person suffers a serious illness or dies.
  • Access finance for your business, plant and equipment, and manage the complex application process.
  • Help you to attract and retain staff with competitive cover and superannuation plans.
We can manage your employee KiwiSaver Scheme, from administration to portfolio investment advice for individuals.
  • Help with planning to maximise the value of your business for when you sell or retire.
  • Arrange your investments in a tax efficient manner.
  • Get a suitable mortgage plan for your business.
  • Regularly review your financial plan to help keep up with changes in your business.
  • Provide special cover for IT contractors with our IT Contractors scheme.

AdviceFirst's I.T. Contractor Scheme

Now's the time to get in touch to find out how you or your contractors can benefit from our expert approach to I.T. Insurance for your business.

AdviceFirst's I.T. Contractor Scheme

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