KiwiSaver members who don’t actively choose an age-appropriate fund could miss out on as much as $341,000 by the time they turn 651!

KiwiSaver is like a time capsule. The decisions people make now about fund choice will be judged by their 65-year-old selves in the future. So if you belong to a KiwiSaver scheme you might want to think about your investment strategy.

We’d like to help you plan for the lifestyle you want at retirement.

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1 Average figures based on AMP KiwiSaver Scheme date for a 25-year-old earning an average wage who stayed in a conservative fund for 40 years compared to someone investing according to their age. not taking into account fees, tax or inflation.
*You should make your own assessment of whether the AMP KiwiSaver Scheme is likely to deliver a better outcome for you. Transferring out of an existing KiwiSaver scheme may have negative consequences for you.

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