Our Free Business Check-Up – What’s In It For You?

As a business owner, there is always a lot going on. It’s a constant challenge to know what to prioritise to drive your business forward, let alone who to trust to get that assessment from, when to implement it, and then how to actually do it.

Our free Business Check-Up is designed to give you an insight to the state of your entire business today.

At AdviceFirst we understand this challenge and decided to do something practical about it. We built a free online Business Check Up because we saw a gap to help you have those bigger conversations around your business health.

We ask questions about key areas of the business, including:

  • Strategic planning
  • Owner/manager
  • HR and HS
  • Financial performance
  • Sales and marketing
  • Customer experience
  • Operational excellence

We enhance that assessment with one-on-one, targeted guidance from AdviceFirst’s experienced business consulting team. Let’s see how that worked for a client we are working with now. Matt, our client, had completed the online assessment and we then met with him to review it.

As you can see from the summary image below, they had some immediate challenges with strategic planning, owner/manager, sales/marketing and customer experience.


Business Audit Example

During this meeting Matt was concerned that there appeared to be some significant issues to resolve, he asked: 
‘How can I fix this? and‘Where do I start?’Great questions!
  • Firstly, we let Matt know that he’s not alone. We’re there to work with him as a partner for the long-term success of his business.

  • Secondly, after reviewing each of the assessment areas in more detail it became clear that the immediate priority was strategic planning, and by working on this it would help resolve the other areas.

  • Lastly, we explored what resources Matt has available to dedicate to this. 
So, what’s in it for you? 

By the end of the meeting Matt was pleased that he had a clear, easy to read summary of where their business stood, understood what his priorities were, and a summary of a plan on how we could improve the business.

Next, Matt completed two workshops with us and his team to identify the company vision, values and purpose. After the workshops we built the strategic plan to guide the achievement of their vision.  A key part of the strategic plan contains a series of prioritised action steps that also help improve the other areas of the business that were identified as important.

Twelve months on and Matt is about to complete the Business Check-Up again. He does this on a six-monthly basis as a minimum to measure progress on how the strategic plan has helped improve the business. Matt will continue to use the assessment regularly to check in on how the business has progressed against the initial benchmark assessment.

The secret to the business’s successful improvements in the last year have been the monthly follow-up sessions where Matt and his management team are held accountable by their AdviceFirst Business Adviser. Their Business Adviser integrates consulting (practical know how, advice and experience) and coaching (partnering with Matt to find the solutions himself) to ensure that they complete the actions in the timeframes agreed. This process is critical to ensuring the strategic plan is implemented effectively.

Matt has been impressed with how well the Business Check Up helped him identify challenges in his business and combined with the strategic planning is driving his business performance ahead and all it took was starting with a free online Business Check Up.

Author | Gwyn Thomas

Author | Gwyn Thomas

Business Adviser

Gwyn is an award-winning business adviser, who owns 2 small businesses and has coached and mentored over 450 small business owners. He has experience with retail, manufacturing, wine, export and software industries. Gwyn is passionate about helping SMEs in strategic planning, business development plan and execution, mentoring and coaching.

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