What the evolving coronavirus may mean for your KiwiSaver balance or investments

We continue to hear about the coronavirus (COVID-19) and as many of you will know, last week was a turbulent time for world markets. This will probably have had some sort of impact on many people’s KiwiSaver balances or investments. However, it’s very important to remember market ups and downs are all part of investing long-term, and this includes KiwiSaver. When things feel a bit uneasy, it can feel courageous to stick with your plan and remain focused on your goals.

As part of our commitment to helping all our clients stay up to date with significant events like COVD-19, we bring you a recent report (below) featuring down to earth analysis from respected economist, Bevan Graham. Plus, if you want to review your plan in light of the current environment, or your needs have changed, you can always get in touch with us, either through your AdviceFirst Adviser or our Client Service team on 0800 438 238 or email letstalk@AdviceFirst.co.nz

Please find the following report for your interest: https://www.ampcapital.com/nz/en/insights-hub/articles/2020/march/impact-of-covid-19


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