Nobody likes to think about serious illness or injury, but putting the right insurance policies in place will help protect your finances should you find yourself in these situations.

One of our clients, James*, 61, was diagnosed with prostate cancer over a year ago. As you can imagine this was a very challenging time for James and his family. But because he had Trauma Cover in place we were able to help him submit a claim for a lump sum payout so that he had less to worry about. Find out how we helped James here.

Like many people in James’s situation, checking his insurance policy and making a claim wasn’t top of his priorities. However, when he did have a moment to talk with our team, he was relieved to learn his Trauma cover would help him financially.

Trauma cover pays a lump sum amount if you experience serious illness or injury.

James’s prostate cancer was recognised by his policy and he received a payout of $159,000.

Our team were delighted to deliver this news to James who was a bit stunned.

“Jeez I don’t know what to say, I’m gob smacked!”

At the age of 61, James is able to use the payment to help retire earlier than he had planned.

To learn more about Trauma insurance, contact AdviceFirst on 0800 438 238 and talk with one of our advisers.

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