KiwiSaver has been around for over ten years and incredibly, there are now over 2.6million members*.

The KiwiSaver scheme seems simple enough; if you’re employed contributions can be deducted from your wages, automatically. So, once you’ve joined KiwiSaver, and are making regular automatic contributions, you can just forget about it; right?

Well, we think it’s better to take a more hands on approach.

Instead of a ‘set and forget’ approach, if you want to make the most of your KiwiSaver account, it’s well worth taking another look at your account armed with these helpful tips from our experts.

Increase your account balance
In addition to your regular contributions, you can make voluntary contributions any time you like, so if you’ve got some spare cash, you can put it into your KiwiSaver fund. Even just a few dollars helps.

The Great Escape
Many KiwiSaver members have never moved out of the Default Fund – the investment portfolio that they were automatically put in when they first joined KiwiSaver. If this includes you, could you do better by escaping, or rather transferring, to a different fund? Most probably. Talk to us to about which fund you should transfer to.

Your gift from the Government
A popular KiwiSaver feature comes to you courtesy of contributions from the New Zealand Government in the form of member tax credits. These annual Government contributions are a great way to add more to your savings each year. Again, talk to us to make sure you’re getting the most member tax credits that you may be eligible for.

Pay close attention
You could adopt a ‘she’ll be right ‘ approach and let your KiwiSaver account take its course. But it’s much better to keep an eye on things every now and again to see how your funds are doing, tweak your mix of portfolios, or maybe even join a different better performing KiwiSaver scheme provider. Again, we encourage you to tap into our expertise to help get your KiwiSaver account working harder for you.


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