Timely holiday advice…

The holiday season is fast approaching.

So, imagine you’re heading for the airport for that long-awaited overseas break. You’ve got your togs, your toothbrush, insect repellant, holiday reading etc.  And you’ve got your plane ticket. You arrive at the airport two hours before boarding and march up to the check-in counter.

The friendly airline agent asks to see your ticket and your passport. He looks at your ticket, then at your passport, then at you, then at your passport again. What’s the problem? Your passport expired six months ago, and your dream holiday just turned into a nightmare. Even the most seasoned travellers may forget to update their most important travel document.

Enjoying a holiday is part of realising a better future, so to help make sure you do, AdviceFirst would like to take this opportunity to remind you to check your passport is up to date.

The good news is, according to the Department of Immigration, most people can renew their NZ adult passport online even if it’s expired, lost, stolen or damaged. But remember, it can take up to 10 working days.

Bon Voyage!

AdviceFirst is a Financial Advice Provider (FSP23242).