Staying connected is more important than ever through these times, whether it is with loved ones or from businesses like ours who are not able to interact with you through face to face meetings like we did before.

At AdviceFirst we are set up with many ways to connect and help you on an ongoing basis.  Connecting with us virtually may be easier than you think and we have several different methods depending on your preference

Microsoft Teams – is easy to access, either directly through a web link or you can download the application. Just click on the link and connect with us. With your permission we can also record the call so we can give you our full attention.

Zoom – Another great platform but does require you to download the application. The team can send you a link to click on

Skype – Skype requires the sharing or Skype usernames, while not as simple as Teams and Zoom it’s a great system

And of course, there is the humble telephone and our teams all have access to headsets, so they can interact with you seamlessly.

For security reasons we don’t share your personal information over these platforms and will still use email for this.

We have been working with providers to support digital sign up and instructions and we expect this to continue to be an increasing way of engaging with you.

An important benefit from these changes to using more technology is that it also helps support us be more sustainable by reducing the amount of paper and travel we do.

If you would like some help to talk through the technology options available to you please talk to your Adviser or call us on 0800 438 238 or email

AdviceFirst is a Financial Advice Provider (FSP23242).