There are plenty of illnesses to fear. However, it’s one thing to imagine the event. It can take some pretty serious thinking and prodding before we picture what could happen next, and, consequently, decide to put a protective insurance plan in place for ourselves and our family.

AdviceFirst Adviser James Polson has managed miles of claims for our clients in their time of need. He has also been there at the start, designing hundreds of insurance plans to help bring financial support and comfort for many clients, their families, and their businesses.

In his experience, James says many of us imagine just one small part of what could happen if something unexpected befell us.

“Take for example an accident. We’d be whisked off to hospital. We’d be cared for by professional doctors and nurses. We might find ourselves confined to bed for a few weeks or worst, a few months. And we would make a full recovery,” says James.

But the reality is often quite different. And where it departs is in the aftermath.

There may be a period after hospital when we can’t work, even a period of rehabilitation.

During this time, unforeseen questions arise: where is the money coming from to pay the mortgage, power bills, food, school fees, the rates? As for holidays, they are now a dim and distant memory.

It’s worth thinking about the whole reality when we’re planning cover for ourselves and those who depend on us, says James.

“People have difficulty living on what they earn but try to imagine having no income. While insurance may be a cost now, it’s equally an investment for a better future that can make a huge difference at claim time:

At AdviceFirst, we see the reality in detail and that’s when we have the privilege of helping our clients get the benefits of being financially protected when they need it most.       

AdviceFirst is a Financial Advice Provider (FSP23242).