Safe365 Award Winners 2018

Congratulations to Turfrey as overall winner at the Safe365 ‘Safest Place to Work Awards’ 2018 of which AdviceFirst were a major sponsor.

The awards, a new initiative from leading cloud-based health and safety software provider Safe365, were supported by AdviceFirst as well as Trade Me Jobs, Health and Safety Association NZ and the New Zealand Institute of Safety Management.

At AdviceFirst and POD we take health and safety in the workplace seriously – be this physical or mental health. As sponsors of the Safe365 ‘Safest Place to Work Awards,’ we are part of the movement to positively lift the culture of workplace safety in New Zealand.

Why Safe365?
Safe365 is a world class, cloud-based application that assesses health & safety performance and shows you exactly how to develop health & safety capability, leaving you confident that you are meeting workplace health & safety legislation. Safe365 can be used in businesses of all sizes and across all industries.

You can see a full list of who won the awards here.

AdviceFirst and POD clients receive a 10% discount off your annual fee for signing up to Safe365 and our Health & Safety Consultants will undertake a free ‘check & challenge’ with you after your initial self-assessment. The ‘check & challenge’ ensures that you are at ease when it comes to knowing what you need to improve.

Why not try it out first and see exactly why we are supporters of Safe365? Start with a free 21 day trial by signing up here.

The Safe365 app is free to SME businesses.  Your teams can download the app on to their smart devices and through their personal profile they can:

  • Keep track of their training records/licenses
  • Share operational health & safety data including incident and evidence reports, risks and hazards, toolbox talks, safety observations, audits and checklists
  • Complete the health, safety and wellbeing engagement survey

All of this insight helps you and your team to work better together to enhance workplace safety.

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