When It Comes To Recruitment – Do You Opt To Do It In House Or Seek The Support Of A Specialist?

Why use a recruiter?

Recruitment – it isn’t really that hard is it? You advertise and all these excellent candidates apply for your role. Easy as that!

If only we lived in a perfect world. We are working in a candidate driven market, with only a minority that apply for a role themselves, so you need someone who can tap into the passive candidate market and be an advocate for your company and connect you to that talent.

So why hire a recruitment specialist? 

As it says we specialise in recruitment and become an extension of your business, a trusted partner. We take the time to really understand your company objectives, recruitment strategy and the culture of your business by asking questions you may not have even thought of.

Yes, but why would I pay someone else to do something I can do?

This is an objection a recruiter hears a lot.  We give you back that much needed resource of time, shorten your current time to hire and get the right person for the role. With your requirements in mind we sift out the quality from the quantity in a robust screening process, so when you receive a shortlist these candidates will have been vetted, are qualified as suitable for the role and a good fit to your business culture.

Look for a recruiter that offers various options for recruitment to fit around your capabilities, resources, time frames and budget. You may want your recruiter to do the whole process for you, delivering you the best candidates for interviewing; or, you may like to undertake a few more of the processes yourself – like preparing the interview questions, contacting the shortlist and/or following up the referrers … if of course you have the time. Use your recruiter’s expertise and vast skill set to partner with you and manage the process to get you the candidate you need. This will allow you to focus on the growth of your business.

If I can be of any assistance and you would like to find out about the way we support our clients at AdviceFirst and POD, please reach out – as a passionate recruiter, I would love to connect with you.

Need help recruiting your next team member?

From now until the end of November, any new permanent contingent recruitment role listed with us will be at a discounted rate of 11% instead of the standard 13%.

Your people are critical to your business, we have an offer for you to get to know us, so we can help get you the people you need.

Connect with our Head of Recruitment Specialist, Simône Regan

Call or email: 027 230 7417 or simone@pod.co.nz

We look forward to getting to know you.


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