At the heart of our advice process is focus on excellence. As a client, you can be confident you’re in good hands because we make sure the insurers, and life and health insurance products, we recommend to you fulfil strict criteria in line with our selection policy. This includes the insurer’s financial stability ratings and quality of service especially at claim time. Frankly, our offer must be focused on leading to good outcomes for you.

For a start, we have an approved supplier list for products that we analyse with the help of external experts.

Your AdviceFirst Adviser understands this philosophy and carefully applies it to the products we recommend. This framework is in place to ensure we do what we think is suitable across our business.

But how do we choose those insurers and products? A bit like The Ten Commandments, we have ten guiding principles underpinning our approach.

  1. Our client is first and foremost in the advice recommendations we make, and the approach we use to achieve that is clear.
  2. Good advice experiences for all our clients.
  3. Clarity regarding the way we select insurers (who must meet strict criteria).
  4. Every AdviceFirst Adviser has the skills and knowledge to deliver excellent advice.
  5. A high standard of ongoing professional education and ethics.
  6. Evidence of all the above to satisfy all stakeholders with clients first
  7. Every AdviceFirst employee must know about this process.
  8. Every AdviceFirst insurance Adviser must use this process.
  9. New AdviceFirst business staff must enforce the limitations on using insurers, to prevent accidental placement of business with an insurer in breach of the rules.
  10. Our compliance assurance staff must understand and ensure that AdviceFirst Advisers have followed the process and met the required standards.

Naturally, the insurance market changes so it’s important for us to keep up with those changes to better serve you. For instance, by constantly monitoring activities within the global life insurance market we can adjust at the local level to ensure you continue to get a suitable solution.

We make sure we are up to date with the latest compliance requirements and ensure we can meet our obligations to policy holders like you, including paying claims.

In the first six months of this year alone, AdviceFirst helped to get over $10 million in claims paid to its clients.


AdviceFirst is a Financial Advice Provider (FSP23242).