A recent presentation by the Financial Markets Authority highlighted that women are more conservative investors than men in the types of investments they make.

This means that even when a male and a female each have $100,000 to invest for their retirement, more often than not a male will make a better return over time. We think this finding provides compelling evidence for females to make sure they seek expert investment advice. You don’t need to be good at everything, you do need to know when it is a brilliant idea to talk to the experts.

Auckland based AdviceFirst Adviser Lynette Ball says that she’s not surprised. “I talk with women all the time who don’t realise how conservative they are with their financial planning until I sit down with them and we talk through the goals these women have and what they can put in place to achieve them. It’s very individual, but the value of working with Advisers is that we can explain the risks and benefits at a very personal level – our clients definitely benefit from expert information”.

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