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Low Inflation And Asset Outlook

The lack of inflation is the key theme in the investment landscape at the moment. With global growth moving to a lower path post the global financial crisis, one wonders where inflation is going to come from outside of a supply shock from some adverse geopolitical or weather related event. In the US, inflation is still running below the target of...

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Investment Coach

With interest rates so low our team is often asked “Where can I get a better return?  Are bank shares with dividend yields between 5% and 6% better than reinvesting in a term deposit at less than 4%?  Do I invest in a term deposit or do I buy the bank shares?”  Our response is never the same because recommendations will depend upon you, your...

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Maximising Returns From Your Retirement Savings

Retirees can potentially get greater returns and benefits by keeping their money in KiwiSaver after they turn 65 rather than using traditional savings plans such as term deposits. In the past, many people turning 65 have withdrawn their KiwiSaver funds and placed them in a term deposit because they're easy to understand and viewed...

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Another Solid First Quarter For Diversified Investors

The first quarter of 2015 has been another solid one for diversified investors. The start of the year is looking like 2014 déjà vu as US first quarter growth has come in weaker than expected, central banks have eased more than expected, and bond yields have moved lower while equities have rallied. The key theme for investors last quarter was the...

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