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From rain on a long weekend, to the bargain-priced toaster that gave up the ghost after only a couple of months, sometimes we don’t quite get the outcome we hoped for or expected. When it comes to insurance, we think it’s essential that the cover you pay for is right for you. Take your home and contents cover. Does it cover everything you expect...

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Happy Health Retirement

A common question for people approaching retirement is “Should I keep my health insurance?” AdviceFirst Financial Adviser James Polson says people are concerned about the cost of their premiums but also worried about not having cover. It’s true that the cost of health insurance increases as you get older. But you may not need to cancel, tap into...

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Great News! Claim Your Kiwisaver Government Contribution

It’s that time of year again; time to ensure you receive up to $521* from the Government in Government Contributions into your KiwiSaver account. It’s easy, the Government pays 50 cents for every dollar you contribute annually, up to a maximum payment of $521.43. To receive the full amount all you need to do is contribute at least $1,042.86 into...

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ESG – Busting The Myths

Responsible investment is gaining in popularity in New Zealand as investors seek to align their investment choices more closely with their values. Central to the investment decision-making process is taking into account Environment, Social, Governance (ESG) or ethical considerations. As one of the longest-standing managers of responsible...

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B’N’B Careful

You may have heard of the new generation of ‘sharing businesses’ which let people list, find and rent accommodation or holiday homes for a fee. It all happens online. AirBnB in particular is becoming very popular with home or bach owners who see it as a clever, easy way to let their properties to visitors. Opening their homes can earn extra cash,...

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Are You Over Being Undersinsured?

We know we need insurance but we may be tempted to go with what looks good – we may put price and convenience ahead of choosing the right insurance product that gives us the cover we need when the unexpected happens. We avoid the paperwork, don’t read the terms and conditions and skip the small print. We also avoid advisers because they want to...

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