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Looking Out For Mum And Dad

The United Nations predicts that by 2050, life expectancy will increase on average by 22 years in developed countries like New Zealand. Living longer is good news, however as a result, children and grandchildren may need to help out with the cost of looking after ageing parents and other relatives. The International Monetary Fund says longevity...

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Invest Time With An Investment Specialist

Your financial adviser is more than an expert who understands the difference between stocks and bonds, or how to create an investment diversification strategy. They are experienced financial practitioners with access to the latest industry data and information. The combination of expertise, experience and information means your financial adviser...

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Hip, Hip, Hooray!

A self-employed Wellington man who needed a hip replacement operation demonstrates the value of consulting his adviser. AdviceFirst adviser, William Moala takes up the story. “My client discovered he needed a hip replacement operation before he had completed the waiting period on his income protection policy. “Surgeons said he would go on the...

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Ensure You Talk To An Insurance Expert

Most of us know insurance is a smart idea, but there are many that still take a DIY approach instead of engaging the services of a financial adviser. A good insurance adviser considers your specific circumstances and helps you choose the best insurance policy for your needs, at a fair and reasonable price. They also help make to make the claims...

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65 Or 67, Early Retirement Planning Is Essential

Prime Minister Bill English has announced the Government aims to move the retirement age from 65 to 67 years by 2040. Aucklander Charles* turned 65 in 2016 and owns his own home. However he still works almost full-time to supplement his current fortnightly NZ Superannuation income. Charles and his wife receive the current pension rate of $295.97...

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China Waves Rock Global Share Markets But It’s Not Time To Panic

Global shares have fallen 8% so far this year, initially driven by declines in China’s currency and equity markets, with softer US manufacturing data and sharp falls in energy and commodity prices adding to the negative sentiment.  AMP Capital’s investment strategy team have written an Investment Insight paper to help explain what is happening....

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