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Tips For The Clever Kiwisaver Member

KiwiSaver has been around for over ten years and incredibly, there are now over 2.6million members*. The KiwiSaver scheme seems simple enough; if you’re employed contributions can be deducted from your wages, automatically. So, once you’ve joined KiwiSaver, and are making regular automatic contributions, you can just forget about it; right? Well,...

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They say that the devil is in the detail, and when it comes to insurance, having an expert Financial Adviser to guide you through those all-important descriptions and clauses in your insurance policy document is absolutely essential. This fact was brought dramatically home when an AdviceFirst client with Accelerated Trauma cover contacted us...

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Goal Based Investing – A New Approach To An Old Question

When discussing a client’s financial planning needs, and specifically what portfolio to establish, an adviser is required to navigate through the client’s specific needs and goals. This is with an ultimate view to provide a portfolio from within the specific discipline and processes that will meet the client’s expectations, while importantly...

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Is Time On Your Side?

"Time is on my side..." sang Mick Jagger in 1964. Mind you, he was just twenty-one when he penned those lyrics and he was right, with a long life on stage ahead of him. Personal InsuranceAs we go through our own life stages, our personal insurance needs may change. And so do things around us. Interestingly, the medical conditions or events that...

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Advice On Getting The Most From Your Adviser

People who engage a Financial Adviser often say that they wondered how they used to get on without one. After all, having your financial arrangements professionally organised makes life easier, and creates a confidence that you’re leaving nothing to chance, fate, or wishful thinking. Your relationship with your Financial Adviser is unique in so...

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Quarterly Strategic Outlook

The global economy remains on track this year for its highest GDP growth rate since 2011. Reflecting the cyclical improvement in economic growth, many central banks have become more hawkish recently, getting ready to either wind back their easing or start raising interest rates. The US is furthest through the monetary policy normalisation...

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