It’s interesting how Christmas comes around every 12 months, yet we continue to be surprised by its arrival. I’m seeing a trend where most businesses are increasingly focused on wanting to have things completed before the end of the year.

If you are in the retail trade, this is indeed a busy time for you. Hopefully your sales are booming as you leverage the festivity and the season for giving. Yet, in amongst the cheery tidings, you are competing against your usual competitors, as well as competing for your ‘share of the Christmas wallet’. At this time of the year, in my experience, you don’t need to spend lots of money on advertising activities to be successful, but rather you need to be very clever about what you do. Here is my Christmas gift to you – a few practical tips to drive results:

  • Know primarily what you are trying to achieve – do you want more sales from your existing customers or to get new customers to buy from you? Both require different marketing approaches
  • Make sure that you have enough stock to sell and that your staff are well trained on the products, returns policies and promotions. This helps ensure there are no lost sales due to unequipped staff or products
  • Help make the purchasing decision easier by looking at how you can bundle products into gift packs or have products grouped in different price points
  • Integrate your messages – if you are doing something online make sure you have the same message/brand imagery in your store or represented on your communications
  • Think creatively about gaining presence in the market by creating experiences that ‘money can’t buy’ e.g. win a dinner with ‘someone notable’ (think about who you may know….relatives, friends etc – it’s just two degrees of separation between you and an NZ celebrity!). Christmas is a time when you can have some unexpected fun with your customers so embrace the season and become memorable in their minds (in a positive way of course)
  • Use events that are occurring around you to help promote your products/services – watch out for local Christmas markets and get involved if these are suitable for you.

For those of you whose customers are other businesses, it doesn’t mean that marketing stops for you. It’s a great time to communicate – make sure you use this time of the year to recognise your loyal and most profitable customers; and, let customers know what support/service will be available over the Christmas/New Year period. If things do quieten down for you use this time to plan your proactive marketing initiatives for the New Year so you can start the year stamping your mark on your market before your competitors do.

Wishing you all a terrific Christmas season and profitable end to the year. If you haven’t started your planning for 2020, make the most of the next few weeks and look to get this well underway, if you would benefit from specialised marketing advice to make sure you feel confident in the marketing decisions you make, make sure you contact us.

Nicole Crump – Head of Marketing & Customer Insights, Tactix 

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