The United Nations predicts that by 2050, life expectancy will increase on average by 22 years in developed countries like New Zealand.

Living longer is good news, however as a result, children and grandchildren may need to help out with the cost of looking after ageing parents and other relatives.

The International Monetary Fund says longevity could pose something of a financial risk to individuals, who could possibly find themselves a little short on retirement resources.

“If individuals live three years longer than expected – in line with underestimations in the past – the already large costs of ageing could increase by another 50%, representing an additional cost of 50% of 2010 GDP in advanced economies…” says an IMF report titled ‘The Financial Impact of Longevity Risk’.

As a caring child you may need to factor in looking after your parents, it’s important to take action now, here’s how:

  • Consult an expert on what eventualities your planning may need to anticipate
  • Cultivate savings over spending
  • Take advice on the best investments needed to help you achieve your long-term goals, according to your risk profile
  • Insure yourself against risks that could potentially set you back in your financial progress

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