“Time is on my side…” sang Mick Jagger in 1964. Mind you, he was just twenty-one when he penned those lyrics and he was right, with a long life on stage ahead of him.

Personal InsuranceAs we go through our own life stages, our personal insurance needs may change. And so do things around us. Interestingly, the medical conditions or events that we claim for under our personal insurance policies may be quite different when we’re under forty, compared with, say, when we’re over seventy.

Now, Sovereign has thrown a spotlight on this with its Claims Statistics 2017. The company has analysed the type of claims that different age groups make. It’s worth taking a closer look because there are some very useful insights and learnings.

For instance, Sovereign comments that younger people might have less need to make a claim, but by getting insurance when they’re in good health means their cover may be “more affordable and inclusive in the long run.”

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Click here to read the Sovereign claims figures – it’s an interesting read.

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