Recently, an Australian insurance company conducted a research project to see how they could improve and build relationships with their current and potential customers.

The research is an interesting read, especially since, as your financial advice service, we strive to improve and constantly enhance the value we add for you, whether you are an investment or insurance client, or both.

In summary, the research with clients identified five areas considered vital to a strong client and adviser relationship:


The research showed that consumers and Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Australia are better informed than ever, and, like New Zealanders, their expectations are increasing rapidly. At AdviceFirst, we agree good communication is vital which is why we make it a priority to stay in touch with you, from ensuring you receive your advice documentation, through to newsletters and useful information to help you stay informed, reminders about your review, and making sure we are available when you need us.

Increased Transparency

Across the ditch, as in New Zealand, customers hold honesty, trust and transparency in high regard. At AdviceFirst, we agree that these values are enormously important. To help ensure our clients like you can have trust in us and our systems, we operate according to strict professional standards, and we are regulated by the Financial Markets Authority (FMA). At AdviceFirst, we are all employees who earn a salary.

“Show your value”

According to the research, many SMEs and consumers in Australia admit they need help in purchasing life insurance. It’s easy to understand why. It’s a complicated area with many competing products and providers to choose from and, to make it even more complex, every one of us has a unique set of needs. This is why at AdviceFirst we have an Approved Providers List that has input from external experts to ensure the products we offer are fit for purpose. In addition, all of our advice team have completed or are studying towards higher industry education.

Encourage Regular Reviews

The research also rightly points out the importance of regular reviews. Whether it’s your insurance or your investment plan, we strongly agree with regular reviews, which is why we send you reminders in every newsletter, often in person from your Adviser, or in emails, phone calls or letters. Sorry about what might seem like nagging, but we know from experience with many clients over the years, just how important it is to keep your insurance or investment plan up to date with your current circumstances and goals.

Show your integrity

In Australia there have been many unwelcome headlines which have cast their financial services industry in a very poor light. There have also been some unsettling news stories here in New Zealand. We think it’s essential for our business to operate at the highest levels of integrity, honesty and trust. Our business is built on putting your financial wellbeing first.

AdviceFirst is a Financial Advice Provider (FSP23242).