Find out what you need to do before you renovate, restore or alter your house.

If you’re planning alterations or renovations to your home, it’s important to make sure your insurance will cover you.


Every house insurance policy is different, and might cover minor work, but none will cover any major works.


If you’re adding a small deck or pergola, repainting, or replacing kitchen cabinets, your house insurance policy will likely cover this.  However, if you’re adding or removing walls, extending your home, reroofing or recladding, you’re going to need extra insurance.


Usually called Contract Works insurance, it covers damage caused by the work being done, and works alongside your regular house insurance policy. Because they work together, and to make things easier at claims time, it’s best to insure your contract works with the same insurer as your house insurance.


To find out more about Contract Works insurance, or what your House insurance does and doesn’t cover, please have a talk with your insurer or AdviceFirst insurance Adviser.

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