A self-employed Wellington man who needed a hip replacement operation demonstrates the value of consulting his adviser.

AdviceFirst adviser, William Moala takes up the story. “My client discovered he needed a hip replacement operation before he had completed the waiting period on his income protection policy.

“Surgeons said he would go on the hospital waiting list for up to 8 months. After the operation he would still need to go through a recovery period. For a self-employed person to be away from his business for that length of time is both psychologically and physically difficult.”

William worked it out. He says: “I showed the insurance company that it would likely cost them less if they paid for the client to get the procedure done as soon as possible through the private healthcare system.”

“Even though it was well outside the scope of the policy, they agreed with the business logic for this particular case. My client had the operation done privately and he’ll be back in his business even before the waiting time for the public healthcare system is over.”

So even if your circumstances fall outside the terms and conditions of your policy, contact your adviser as early as possible if you think you may have a claim. “Put your adviser to work and let them ask the questions. You might be pleasantly surprised,” says William.

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