Develop a high performance management team – Free e-Book

Here’s the thing: no matter how much you develop yourself, your business is always going to be constrained if your managers don’t step up to act as a high performance management team!

Good managers are multipliers. They leverage the skills and attitudes of their teams and make the business work faster and better.

They make the whole greater than the sum of the parts. They create critical mass.

SME NZ Advice eBook FreeThe problem is, most managers in SME businesses are in their role because they were good at their job. The idea is they’ll be good at showing others how to be good at their jobs. But that’s like expecting every great player to be a great coach.

When you teach your people to become better managers, you’ll:

  • Get the best from your people; attract and keep high performing staff
  • Create critical mass with a team capable of running your business
  • Free yourself to focus your time and effort on growth

Do you know how to develop a high-performance management team? We’ve teamed up with Dr Mike Ashby of The Breakthrough to give you access to this free e-Book as part of our commitment to helping SME NZ realise a better future.


Transform your management team with the help of our experts:
Active Management Programme

The Active Management Programme builds management and leadership capability through a focus of understanding core management requirements, managing self, managing others and, managing teams.  Enhanced capability will support business growth, team cohesion, organisational engagement and overall improvements to business performance. The programme has taken world best practice in training and development to deliver a slick learning programme for your team.

Talk to Pod about enhancing your team’s skills or even your own skills, for improved performance.

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