Healthy eating on a budget

When your finances are limited it can be difficult to budget your grocery bill let alone make healthier choices. But there are a few simple tips that will improve your wellbeing while keeping your wallet safe.

Buy in bulk

You can fill up your kitchen cupboards more cheaply and efficiently by buying one or two staples a week in bulk. Longer lasting foods like rice, pasta, tinned tuna, canned vegetables and oats will provide you with more food for less money in the long run. You’ll find your pantry is always stocked with a variety of healthy and affordable options.

Make use of your freezer

Don’t underestimate the power of your humble kitchen freezer. Making a big batch of meals ahead of time and storing them individually in the freezer is a great way to make sure you have delicious and nutritional food available, over time. When you get to one of those days where cooking feels too difficult, just grab one of your prepared meals out of the freezer, reheat and enjoy.

Stick to seasonal produce

Produce that is in season tastes delicious and can often cost less than the alternatives. There are plenty of guides floating around that will let you know when different items are in season. Make sure you shop around to find the cheapest options and check your local farmer’s market for the best deals and freshest products. ,

Make one day meat-free

Meat isn’t the only good source of protein, so why not find some alternatives and make one day a week, meat-free? Beans and legumes are cheaper than meat and they have health benefits too. Research shows they can reduce cholesterol, decrease blood sugar and increase the number of healthy bacteria in your stomach.

Menu planning

Kiwis waste over a hundred thousand tonnes of food each year. All that wasted food costs money so try to reduce your personal waste by simply planning your meals ahead of time. If you know what you’re going to be eating each day, you can shop accordingly and take some pressure off the weekly budget. As a bonus, you’ll keep better track of your eating habits and make it easier to stay healthy. It’s a win-win.

Drink more water

Buying various beverages can eat into your budget quicker than you might think especially during the warmer months. By drinking more tap water you can save money, reduce your calorie and sugar consumption, and keep your body feeling good. Your body needs plenty of water to function properly so to feel healthier in your body and wallet drink stick to the tap water.

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