Marketing expert Nicole Crump explains how understanding consumers’ needs is vital for delivering what they need, and therefore growing and sustaining your business.

Working with businesses that are seeking profitable growth both domestically and internationally, we often hear the phrase “We are just looking for that silver bullet that will bring us the right customers.”   

Unfortunately, there is never just one thing that produces the “silver bullet” or “magical solution” – it’s more a collection of well-thought-out and successfully implemented decisions and approaches that helps a business build awareness with the group of people who would benefit from what’s being offered.  

It sounds simple when you put it on paper like this, but the reality, as we know, is that it’s never simple and often deciding on what to do is the hardest part.

Why is it so difficult to make decisions on what to do when it comes to attracting and engaging with your target market, in order to achieve sales?  

Well, the reality lies in this statement: in most cases, you are not your target market.  

I encourage you to take a really good look at yourself and the people within your business – are you collectively your “ideal” customer? The answer is likely to be a resounding “no”.  

Whilst this may sound like a simple notion, when making marketing and business decisions it is fundamental that we make choices that are right for our customers and not based on what we personally like.   

So, with this insight – to create sales with people who are not like us – somehow we need to get inside their heads to understand what they like, who they are, what their beliefs and needs are, why they would benefit from your offering – the list goes on.  

Businesses that do not obtain consumer insights or who fail to understand the background of their ideal target market, will not be able to connect or engage with prospects. 

Ultimately, this means that they won’t be able to motivate them to become customers.  

Why are businesses reluctant to get consumer insights?


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Led by Nicole Crump, Tactix is a small, highly skilled team of experienced specialists with a track record of serving highly reputable companies across a wide range of industries including: electricity retailing, telecommunications, banking, technology, airlines, media, FMCG, motoring and manufacturing.

They are a customer insights driven marketing company who specialise in customer research, digital marketing and the development of strategic marketing plans that integrate marketing activities to achieve company goals.

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