From rain on a long weekend, to the bargain-priced toaster that gave up the ghost after only a couple of months, sometimes we don’t quite get the outcome we hoped for or expected.

When it comes to insurance, we think it’s essential that the cover you pay for is right for you.

Take your home and contents cover. Does it cover everything you expect it to cover? The devil is always in the detail.

Buying a one-size-fits-all policy online with a click of a mouse can seem convenient and a time-saver, and sometimes it is. But always check the policy details ensuring you know what you are covered for, or not and, the values of your sums insured plus the excesses applying to any claims. Make sure insurance will meet your expectations now, to ensure any claims you may have to make are in line with what you expect.

Remember, it’s better to know the limits and pitfalls of your policy now, rather than at claim time.

There are an increasing number of news headlines on underinsurance in New Zealand, especially since the number of natural disasters over the last five years. Luckily, you don’t need to be underinsured. Even if you discover that you need to double your sum insured, don’t worry as this doesn’t necessarily mean your premiums will cost twice as much.

One of our experts can review your cover and help you make sure it meets your expectations. We have the knowledge and the tools that help put us ahead of the pack when it comes to reviewing your needs and the insurance solution that best suits you.

So please get in touch with us, and get the friendly, expert service that you’ve come to expect.

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