Most of us know insurance is a smart idea, but there are many that still take a DIY approach instead of engaging the services of a financial adviser.

A good insurance adviser considers your specific circumstances and helps you choose the best insurance policy for your needs, at a fair and reasonable price. They also help make to make the claims process as smooth as possible.

Insurance advisers, who specialise in personal insurance have the expertise and access to product information to be able to:

  • Assess your personal circumstances, including dependants, and liabilities and advise you on the best insurance products for your situation
  • Understand what risks you may be exposed to, and advise you accordingly
  • Help you to choose insurance products that are a right fit. For example, a premium may be lower on one policy, but there may be an excess to consider. Your adviser shows you what to look for before you sign on the dotted line
  • Help you liaise with the insurer if the unexpected happens and you need to claim under your policy

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