How to prepare your loved ones for a disaster

We’re all too familiar with life on the Shaky Isles serving us up a healthy dose of reality from time to time. Parts of the country were rocked by a 6.2 earthquake on October 30, and it was a firm reminder that it pays to be prepared. We know insurance is important, but what other steps can we be taking?

Plan how you and your loved ones will cope with an emergency:

– Do you have a Household Emergency Plan and checklist? This is a free resource to print off and plan for an emergency at home. Where will your meeting point be? What supplies do you need and where are they kept? What do you do if phones aren’t working?

– What’s your Workplace Emergency Plan? Similar to the Household Emergency Plan, this will help you to have a plan in place should an emergency occur whilst you’re out of the home during work hours.

– It’s not always easy for someone who’s mobility impaired to seek safety if there’s an emergency. What are the correct procedures for DROP, COVER, HOLD if you’re mobility impaired or disabled?

Preparing for a disaster isn’t the most fun exercise, but it’s one you’ll be glad you did for peace of mind and it doesn’t need to take long at all.

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