Recently, AdviceFirst Adviser George Allbury contacted one of our clients for their insurance review. The client didn’t pick up the phone, so George left a voice message and followed up with an email to try and get in touch.

It was several weeks later when our client responded. She mentioned she had been treated for cancer earlier in the year and was concerned this would affect her insurance cover in the future.

This got George thinking. He got back in touch to say that before they did anything else with her cover, it would be a good idea to put in a claim for Trauma Cover because it covered cancer.

The client was reluctant to make the claim. Her logic was that she didn’t need to make a claim because her health insurance paid for her treatment and she’d not had to take much time off from work.

However, George realised the client was concerned the cancer would become a pre-existing condition on her policy. Like many clients, she didn’t really understand how trauma cover worked, and when it pays out.

He explained that claiming on the policy would have no effect on her on-going policy. After mulling it over for a couple weeks, the client called George and gave him the nod to put in a claim.

This was the right decision and would completely change the game for her.

It took a short while for our Adviser to collate all the supporting medical documents, but once they were submitted, the claim was approved and paid by the insurer within a week.

We can’t tell you the exact amount, but it was a six-figure sum.

“It was a fantastic outcome for our client because she was literally expecting nothing,” says George.

There’s a very clear message for all our clients in this story: please keep in regular contact with your AdviceFirst Adviser because they can help you understand exactly how your cover can serve you. Stay in touch!

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