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Business Advisory



We understand that every business is different, as are the needs, wants and aspirations of each business owner. This understanding forms the foundation of our advice programme, as we support you to take your business to new heights. We help you to create the head space to step back from ‘business as usual’ tasks to focus on activities that will help you to realise a better future.

AdviceFirst’s business advisory team provide the strategic planning, mentoring, advice and coaching support for business owners or senior management teams going for growth. Our aim is simple, we help set you up for long term, sustainable growth and ultimately, bottom line success.

Joining the programme has enabled us to break through the glass ceiling. We now have confidence in our strategies, setting goals and sticking with it. Turnover has tripled and staff doubled over the last 3 years.

Client Testimonial about our Active Management Programme

Gain a high-level insight into how you are performing as a business owner.

We are the link between ideas and action. We help you:

  • Get clarity on where you want to go
  • Identify what you want to achieve with your business and for you personally
  • Keep you accountable for delivering on goal actions

We create movement through aligning you and your team with the strategic goals of the business. We look at the vision and purpose and show how each member of your team contributes on an individual level by:

  • Focusing output on delivering what matters the most
  • Making better decisions based on what’s important even in times of change
  • Creating a highly engaged team, inspiring passion and commitment
  • Achieving greater growth, productivity, performance and profitability

Our programmes are designed to fit you – your wants, your needs and what you value.  They offer different levels of support and can be one-on-one for a business owner or with a management team:

  • Achieving Business Results
  • Active Management Programme
  • Business Success Dashboard
  • Personal and Business Coaching
  • Business Consulting and Advisory
Achieving Business Results

Working one-on-one with you and/or your management team.  We use your insights and those of the market and industry, gleaned through workshops, coaching and assessments, to develop your 12 month ‘living’ business plan.  The business plan, or, strategic roadmap, will encompass action plans for each area of the business, including finance, sales, marketing, operations, HR, technology and legal.  

The workshops will re-evaluate the vision, purpose and values of the business and their alignment to the strategic direction. We also investigate how to enhance and leverage leadership capability to aid business success.

The programme takes place over 2 – 4 weeks.

Active Management Programme

The Active Management Programme builds management and leadership capability through a focus of understanding core management requirements, managing self, managing others and, managing teams.  Enhanced capability will support business growth, team cohesion, organisational engagement and overall improvements to business performance. The programme has taken world best practice in training and development to deliver a learning experience which incorporates:

  • Online learning – videos, reading and quizzes
  • One-on-one coaching – to support learning and support individual needs
  • Co-lab facilitated sessions – with social learning with peers from differing businesses
  • Active workplace participation – taking learning to the workplace and practice activities designed to enhance management capability
  • Journal completion – to highlight progress and record accountabilities to support personal and professional growth

Duration: The programme takes place over 12 months with activities taking place weekly to embed knowledge, skill development, experience and ability. Actual time to commit to the formal learning and coaching is just 2 hours a month for each attendee. Each organisation requires a minimum of 3 managers or emerging managers to participate in the programme. 

Business Success Dashboard

Knowing how your business is tracking in real time will give you the confidence to make decisions which drive success. The Business Success Dashboard shows actual results against forecast results and aligns directly to your business plan or strategic roadmap. Your dashboard will highlight what actions to take to ensure that important activity doesn’t fall off the radar.

Personal and Business Coaching

As your coach, mentor and business strategist, our team of experienced and qualified business coaches and advisers partner with you to achieve your goals by bringing your business plan to life and supporting you in the realisation of your personal and business visions.

Your business coach and adviser will support you in your leadership development and role as business owner and/or manager. We like to think of ourselves of a business owner’s advisory board, sounding board, and sanity check – all in one.

Duration: The programme takes place over 6 – 12months.

Business Consulting and Advisory

At times you will want support on the ground, in your business driving change and implementing critical actions in the business plan. Alternatively, you may need expertise on your advisory board. Our business consulting team are experts in many industry areas from retail and hospitality to medical, early childhood to professional services through to FMCG, technology, export, franchise and even wine manufacturing. Duration: As required, projects are generally 3 – 6 months.

Sharn Rayner
Sharn Rayner

Head of Business Consulting

Sharn thrives on businesses and owners excelling. She has expertise in strategic planning, transformational coaching, leadership development and organisational development. Having won accolades in strategic planning, business growth and organisational success, her knowledge, insight and experience has been valuable in her roles as CEO, managing director and business owner – as well as a partner to clients in New Zealand, Australia and the UK.

Gwyn Thomas
Gwyn Thomas

Business Adviser

Gwyn is an award-winning business adviser, who owns 2 small businesses and has coached and mentored over 450 small business owners. He has experience with retail, manufacturing, wine, export and software industries. He’s is passionate about helping SMEs in strategic planning, business development plan and execution, mentoring and coaching. Gwyn has over 20 years’ experience marketing, leading people and building innovative, successful businesses.