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Business Advisory



To plan for the future you want – we provide a holistic approach to professional advice that will serve you both in business and in life. 

With AdviceFirst and our family of specialised business service companies, Tactix and POD Consulting – you’ll have access to business advice solutions across all areas to help your business grow & thrive. Plus, we also provide advice for your personal needs including KiwiSaver, Wealth Management and Insurances of all types.
Business Advisory Services

AdviceFirst and POD’s business advisory team provide the strategic planning, advice and coaching support for business owners or senior management teams going for growth. From financial performance to sales or mentoring, we’ve got advice to fit. Our aim is simple, we help set you up for long term, sustainable growth and ultimately, bottom line success.

Marketing & Customer Insights

AdviceFirst and Tactix work alongside you as your go-to specialist and marketing sounding-board. We partner with you to focus your business on getting  established and drive growth. We’ll help you to develop practical strategies that focus on how to be noticed and stand out in highly competitive environments. We support you as you grow and help keep you relevant; showing you how to drive client action and deliver sales – with ongoing support for your clients. As well as show you how to use digital technologies in sales & marketing to enhance your  capabilities.

Human Resources

At AdviceFirst and POD, we believe that the growth of a business is intrinsically linked with the strength of its’ people. We work alongside business owners and managers providing expertise in specialist Human Resources advice with a focus on building positive cultures, tracking business performance and managing employment relations. We can help you with anything from outsourcing Human Resources entirely to partnering up to help you with key projects, be that a workplace survey, recruitment or managing a disciplinary matter.

Health, Safety & Wellbeing In The Workplace

As sponsors of the Safe365 Safest Places to Work Awards, AdviceFirst and POD are part of the movement to positively lift the culture of workplace safety in New Zealand. We will work alongside you, to monitor and improve health, safety and mental wellbeing in your workplace. Thereby giving you peace of mind that you are doing all you can to support your team whilst protecting yourself and your business.

Business Financial Performance

At AdviceFirst and POD we not only have the ability to analyse the numbers, we are also skilled business advisors turning the analysis into meaningful results that can help your business grow – we are ‘big picture thinkers’ who understand the importance of detail. We specialise in financial advice that is needed for running a business at every stage in the business lifecycle – from start up to exit.

Sales Performance

Sustainable and growth-oriented businesses require ongoing sales. Selling success is more an issue of who you are than what you know. While knowledge is necessary, sustained success comes to the person who’s driven by strong values and ethics. At AdviceFirst and POD we can increase your revenue by helping your salespeople develop customer-needs focused sales behaviours and positive attitues that create long-term, value producing partnerships with your clients. Our internationally recognised programme provides behaviour change support through an extensive follow-up course, where participants share best practices and brainstorm solutions to challenges.

Legal Advice For Businesses

At AdviceFirst and POD, we can arrange for access to legal advice from our network of externally contracted lawyers who don’t just offer one-off legal advice, but find the best way to resolve the issue for your business as a whole. With insight into your business goals and aspirations, our network of trusted external lawyers think broadly of the implications any action may have, across all aspects of your business, to enable you to achieve the best outcome. Disclaimer: AdviceFirst and POD do not provide legal services. All legal services will be provided by lawyers or incorporated law firms. Neither AdviceFirst nor POD are responsible for any advice provided by those lawyers or law firms.


Disclaimer: by clicking on any of our business services, you will be re-directed to one of AdviceFirst’s group company websites for more information on the service you have chosen. 

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