It’s easy to get overwhelmed with the expectations that surround the Christmas holidays but it’s never too late to start good habits to help you with the last-minute preparations for the annual break. How do you avoid the pitfalls of going over the top and ultimately regretting spending rather than feeling good about it? Budget for summer!

Accounting for all of those little extra spends here and there soon add up. Rather than take the classic ‘she’ll be right’ approach, master budgeting and work with your lifestyle rather than against it. Try a free and easy-to-use budgeting tool and help yourself with the day-to-day stuff. has a trusted tool that takes into account your income and outgoings and is really easy to use. Whatever your debts, savings, family and living arrangements – lay it all out and create your own budget with just a few clicks. Whether you like visuals or lists, there’s a way to look at your budget that makes sense for you. Why not give it a go?

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