People who engage a Financial Adviser often say that they wondered how they used to get on without one. After all, having your financial arrangements professionally organised makes life easier, and creates a confidence that you’re leaving nothing to chance, fate, or wishful thinking.

Your relationship with your Financial Adviser is unique in so far as you’re entrusting them with many of your most important life matters. They’re not simply working for you, but with you.

As an AdviceFirst client you can benefit even more, because we’ve structured our business for our clients to get everything they want from one experienced Financial Adviser who is supported by our wider team.

The best Financial Advisers, take a 360-degree point of view – they’re interested in your needs and your family’s needs. They will have in-depth conversations with you about your financial situation, to help you “realise a better financial future”. Effective financial advice is about your adviser seeing your bigger picture.

A Financial Adviser worth their salt is with you for the long haul, so they should consider their dealings with you as part of a long-term working relationship. They’re not there to sell you products but to add value to your life, so it’s important that your adviser is investing time and effort in their relationship with you.

In the end, your adviser should have a clear understanding of you, your family, your needs and goals, and should have the knowledge, experience and expertise that enables them to provide ideas and products that you know are the right fit for you. That’s the real test.

AdviceFirst provides financial advice to help thousands of New Zealanders stay on track with quality advice through life. We’re the country’s largest financial advice business of our type, with offices nationwide. This means you can also talk to our wider team of specialists for advice on KiwiSaver, investments and a comprehensive range of insurance products to help you realise your financial future.

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