Not all stories get an immediate happy ending, some are a work in progress, and our
Advisers are often working in the background fighting the good fight on your behalf. One
such example happened recently. We’ve kept names and details anonymous but felt it
was worth sharing because sharing is caring.

Setting the scene: Imagine you’re not very well, you must take some time off work, and you're
not sure how you’re going to manage to pay the mortgage.

Cover?: You were smart, you took out income protection insurance in case of a scenario where
you couldn’t work, just like this, and you’re currently waiting for a decision on pay-out.

Options: You’ve cut back where you can, but until you get an insurance pay-out approved, you
decide to try for mortgage holiday as a last resort – it’s causing you a lot of worry.

According to “some mortgages allow you to take a ‘loan repayment holiday’ or
‘mortgage holiday’ for up to three months. You don’t pay anything during this period, but interest
is still charged to the mortgage”.

The outcome?: Your request to apply for a mortgage holiday gets declined. You feel lost and
stuck. Who can you turn to?

This was a real case AdviceFirst had to deal with recently, and one of our Adviser’s
displayed precisely the kind of above-and-beyond service that we strive for.
How did we help?

Our Adviser carefully listened to the client and their distress. They then contacted the bank that
rejected our client’s request to apply for a mortgage holiday and arranged a face-to-face meeting
on the clients’ behalf.

Our Adviser didn't have to do this, but out of concern for the client, they went that extra mile to
help reduce the pressure they were facing. The process started out traumatically for the client,
however; as a result, the client wound up achieving their mortgage holiday thanks to our Adviser’s
efforts which also provided them some temporary respite from anxiety.

While this kind of action is a last resort for some people juggling their financial obligations, it can
be an expected part of the claim process for some clients with income protection insurance, that
are unable to work due to illness.

That’s not to say a claimant will always be granted a mortgage holiday or can be helped by their
provider, but AdviceFirst’s knowledge and skill-set can help in dealing with banks and lending
institutions, which is valuable. Not all clients understand how to approach this kind of request or

have the confidence to follow through, especially if they are unwell and not in their usual state of

Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Let’s talk.

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