A “black swan event” isn’t a ballet. It is an unpredictable or unforeseen event, and in 2017 there may be plenty:

Election year in New Zealand. Donald Trump in America. Disruptive innovators (like Uber) in most sectors. Brexit. Interest rates rising.

We can’t predict with any certainty how things will unfold, but a good plan can help see you through most eventualities. Here are two ways that can help you prepare:

  1. Expect the unexpected:Markets will predict one outcome and then react with volatility when surprised by the result. Plan with a long-term view in mind, and diversify your portfolio.
  2. Protect your assets: Make sure your insurances are up-to-date and be decisive, make sure you’re properly covered for possible eventualities.

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*One of several collective nouns for swans.
Source: www.abc.net.au

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