Brent Hunt

Wealth Management Adviser, Central Region Wealth Manager

  • Wealth management specialist for individuals and business owners.
  • Qualified Chartered Accountant, with top-level qualifications.
  • Founding partner of Advicefirst as part of The McKibbins Group
  • 14 years’ experience helping clients to get financially on track.
  • Prior to this he had 17 years’ experience in the business and accounting industry.
  • Member of the NZ Institute of Chartered Accountants for 25 years.
  • Member of the Institute of Financial Advisers, and New Zealand Society of Accountants
  • Brent is married with two children, and enjoys mountain biking, road cycling, great wine and helping his children with their sport.

Brent is an Authorised Financial Adviser, regulated by the Financial Markets Authority.

I have dealt with a lot of tax and financial people in my life and few measure up to Brent's standards. His efficiency in getting the job done with minimal fuss is always refreshing.

Kelly Clark, Orewa

Brent Hunt

Level 1, 554 Victoria Street
PO Box 19181
Hamilton 3244

P: 07 834 2899

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