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One of our insurance specialists can help.

Luca Biuso
AdviceFirst Auckland

What we can do

Insurance can be complicated, many people choose to work with a financial adviser to find the best option for them. We provide advice and help to get you protected with all types of personal insurance benefits*:

  • General Insurance: financial protection against loss of your home and contents, your vehicle, boat, rental property and other assets.
  • Life Insurance: financial support for your loved ones and other dependents if you die or suffer a terminal illness.
  • Total and Permanent Disablement Insurance: a cash payment if you are totally or permanently disabled.
  • Income Protection: an income if serious illness or injury prevents you from working.
  • Trauma Insurance: a cash payment if you suffer a serious illness or injury.
  • Health Insurance: for private medical care.


How we do it

  • An experienced Financial Adviser will listen to your needs and advise on an insurance plan and products to suit you and your budget.
We offer you a choice of quality products from leading suppliers at competitive rates that meet your identified needs.
  • On your behalf, we liaise with the insurance provider to help fast track your application and get your cover in place.
  • Assist with claims to help make it easier and give you greater peace of mind.
  • Review your insurance plan with you, to help ensure it keeps up with changes in your life.

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